Please request Couples room at the time of booking as it is subject to availability.



Light, Medium or Firm

A nurturing and soothing Swedish massage melts away body tension and mental stress. This full body therapy loosens the superficial muscle structure and enhances wellbeing. Pure relaxation.

60 min $140

90 min $195


Light or Medium

Be guided by a caring touch to inner peace and tranquillity. Volcanic hot stones placed on your body’s meridians and flowing massage allow you to relax and soak up the warmth of nature’s gift.

90 min $205



Energize and balance with this Shiatsu and Swedish combining massage as they work to re-align the energy flow of the body, releasing deep held tension and restoring equilibrium.

90 min $205


Light or Medium

A gentle and nurturing relaxation massage performed on the side and supported with body length pillows. Working gently into those aching muscles, leaving mother and baby feeling supported and rejuvenated.
OIL BLEND Organic Coconut oil

60 min $140



Pure Radiance

Suitable for all skin types

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A journey of total renewal and deep relaxation. This facial experience can be tailored to individual skin needs, utilising Sodashi’s luxurious plant essence synergies to leave the skin revitalised and fresh. Warm aromatic facial compresses, clay cleansers and natural enzymes soften and exfoliate, followed by the application of a nurturing face mask rich in herbal extracts to purify and hydrate the skin. Choose between a soothing foot and calf or hand and arm massage while your products infuse.

60 min $155.00

Natures Facelift

Suitable for skins showing signs of ageing

An intensive boost of nature’s most potent vitamins and minerals. This facial incorporates Sodashi’s exclusive Thermal Mask. This miracle clay mask is moulded over a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals which have been massaged deeply into the skin. As the mask sets it will harden and heat to 37 degrees which enhances the penetration of the ingredients layered underneath into the deepest layers of the skin, all while providing intense relaxation. This indulgent treatment is tailored to individual skin needs: to purify, deeply cleanse and nourish, it leaves skin hydrated and toned. Restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance, this is more than a facial – its nature’s face lift.

90 min $205.00




Himalayan Pink Salt bath blend, soothing Serenity massage, Petite Sodashi Facial.

2 hours $260.00

Mother Nature

Nurturing coconut oil Pregnancy Massage, Petite Sodashi Facial, buff and polish to the toes.

2 hours $260.00


Full body exfoliation using Sodashi’s finely ground pumice and volcanic clay followed by a comforting warmed body mask designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and remove toxins. A Petite Facial, refreshing shower and soothing serenity massage.
* Can be tailored to the couple's room.

2 ½ hours $320.00


Sodashi’s Organic Green Tea Salt therapy, Head and Hair treatment with a nourishing scalp mud, steam therapy, Revive massage.
* Can be tailored to the couple’s room.

2 ½ hours $320.00


Empire’s Balinese Boreh Scrub, soothing scalp massage, a choice of steam therapy or Balinese bath, full body Serenity massage and Sodashi Pure Radiance Facial.

3 hours $405.00


Vanilla Body Exfoliation, Balinese bath, soothing Serenity massage, Sodashi’s Pure Radiance Facial, Gourmet Lunch Hamper at the retreat, Empire signature Pedicure.

4 ½ hours $560.00



Deep Relax Salt Therapy

Your choice of Sodashi Salt exfoliation followed by a shower and Body Hydration.

Vanilla Body exfoliate with Wattle seed and Sandalwood powder to soften and smooth.
Body Balance, Himalayan salt and essential oils to balance mind body and soul.
Organic Green Tea Salt therapy, rich in anti-oxidants for circulation and muscle tension.

60 min $140.00

Purifying Body Boost

Body Balance Salt Therapy, Sodashi’s Purifying and Detoxifying body mask to relieve sluggishness and congestion and remove unwanted toxins, a choice of Petite Sodashi Facial or Head and Hair Treatment, refreshing shower and finished with an Enlivening Body Hydration.

90 min $205.00

Empire's Balinese Boreh Scrub

An ancient Indonesian recipe of stimulating herbs and spices and Australian Sandalwood Powder aimed to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and ease aches and pains.

Full body Boreh exfoliation, scalp massage, steam therapy and body re-hydration with warmed organic coconut oil.

90 min $205.00



Empire Head & Hair Treatment

60 MINS:
Sodashi Hair and Scalp Treatment, hand, arm, foot and calf massage, shower.


60 min $140.00

90 min $200.00

Empire Foot Soother

Peppermint Foot soak, scrub and pumice followed by a rejuvenating foot and calf massage using Sodashi’s Mint foot soother treatment finishing with a mini scalp, hand and arm massage.

60 min $140.00



Balinese Bath

30 min $70.00

Steam Therapy

30 min $70.00

Petite Sodashi Facial

30 min $80.00

Salt Scrub & Shower

30 min $75.00

Head & Hair Treatment

15 min $35  |  30 min $75.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 min $75.00

File, Buff and Polish

30 min $65.00

Mini Foot Soother

30 min $75.00